Johnny Rayflo Gets His Cherry Popped

Johnny Rayflo Gets His Cherry Popped
Thank you LustyTarts for this!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Chapter 19 - edits

We've corrected a few pages that had very small errors. Feel free to re-download the corrected version - all other files have been replaced.

Pass on both is still VL_19


Edit: I can't believe I forgot this...but I wanted to give a big thanks to Pramesvari, who sent us some Japanese text for this chapter, translated, a while back. So, thank you :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Project Status

Vassalord 19 - Cleaned; Translated; in typesetting.

Vassalord 20 - In Cleaning; Translated; Requires typesetting

Vassalord 21 - Requires Cleaning; Translated; Requires typesetting.

Other Projects: (What else were we doing? Oh yah..)

DRRR Doujin: Cleaned; Requires Translation and typesetting.

Note: Due to school starting back up, it will be more difficult to get projects out one after another; we're only human, have patience, it will come.

Any questions, comments, e-mail us:


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fukakutei Youso Kinken Shingou [DRRR DJ]

Pairing: Shizuo/Izaya

So here is our second release! A Durarara doujinshi that I had come across around a year ago. I thought to just translate it, clean, and typset it by myself since the raws were pretty clean, but that didn't turn out so great. I left it there for a few months.

I remembered recently that this has yet to be released, lol. So SoubixLoveless helped to perfect it. 8'D And here it finally be!

Please do NOT remove credit pages, or we will remove our scans and whatnot. It won't be fun.


Password: DRRR (case-sensitive; all CAPS)

This is an update about our staff members. Quite a few people have volunteered to help us out. It's rather uplifting, hehe.

Avie Yahika (Japanese to English)

Miss Tao



P.S.: We're still working on Vassalord, but...we needed a break >:[ SO JUST ENJOY THE SEX :D

Project is rated 18+ don't say we didn't warn you. Male/Male (duh).

Monday, July 25, 2011

Vassalord Chapter 18

Edit: do not remove our credits. I don't want to have to start removing scans or adding watermarks to all projects.
Wow, I can't believe it but...welcome to our FIRST post. We bring to you Vassalord chapter 18 - more to come. We have no set release date, which, we do not release weekly - we release the files when they're done. Yes, we are slow so... be patient with us.

Just want to give a big, huge thank you to Chris for translating 18 and on all by herself @_@ and pretty much anything from here on out, lol.)

If you want to be part of future releases (like Vassalord) we are currently looking for Japanese translators, and editors. Also, if you know how to use HTML coding and would like to design our webpage for us...that would be f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c; 'cause, honestly, we need the help haha.

Anyway, enjoy our first release, more to come.

Previous scanlation to this can be found in Inmeloria's LJ - we do not own anything, nor do we make profit from it. Thanks.
                                                                    Pass: Vassalord18

Vassalord contains mature content that may not be suitable for younger viewers.