Johnny Rayflo Gets His Cherry Popped

Johnny Rayflo Gets His Cherry Popped
Thank you LustyTarts for this!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Typesetters Wanted!

Looking for someone with access to any photo editing program to...slap some text onto clean scans of Vassalord! 
We've been so busy with cleaning chapters and school and life (ew) that our typesetter hasn't been able to get her claws on it. Lucky for us we have a great thing called the internet where it lets us reach out to wonderful people like you! E-mail us, or me ( with the subject: Typesetter to apply within! No experience necessary. The sooner you apply, the faster we can get these much awaited chapters out!
Typesetters wanted! No experience necessary! May provide you with photoshop if possible! And lots of kick-ass fonts!

Hey, Happy Thanksgiving you awesome people <3 Thanks for supporting us through tough times and good times.