Johnny Rayflo Gets His Cherry Popped

Johnny Rayflo Gets His Cherry Popped
Thank you LustyTarts for this!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Typesetters Wanted!

Looking for someone with access to any photo editing program to...slap some text onto clean scans of Vassalord! 
We've been so busy with cleaning chapters and school and life (ew) that our typesetter hasn't been able to get her claws on it. Lucky for us we have a great thing called the internet where it lets us reach out to wonderful people like you! E-mail us, or me ( with the subject: Typesetter to apply within! No experience necessary. The sooner you apply, the faster we can get these much awaited chapters out!
Typesetters wanted! No experience necessary! May provide you with photoshop if possible! And lots of kick-ass fonts!

Hey, Happy Thanksgiving you awesome people <3 Thanks for supporting us through tough times and good times. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Hello all, I'm happy to announce that over the Summer I have been working with a wonderful fan of "From Eroica with Love" to begin scanlation on missing chapters, side-stories and non-scanlated chapters of this manga. If you have not heard of this wonderful manga, it's been on-going since the 70s! I highly recommend it, it's very good. You can find it on MangaFox. Anyway, I'm hoping to get some of these chapters out soon...the only thing is, since people are very busy this summer within this scanlation group we are openly recruiting for cleaners.

We need cleaners! Or anyone with a slight knowledge of redrawing and/or cleaning manga pages. 

However, any and all help will be appreciated. This includes Vassalord. We have so much translation of Vassalord, but the only thing is we need help cleaning it! Cleaners are a very sought-after commodity in these groups, and we're looking at you photoshop/GIMP/Paint tool Sai/etc users!

We haven't given up on Vassalord, quite the contrary...but a chance to work with Eroica is hard to pass up since it's such a old, and fantastic manga.

If you would like to help, or know of anyone who can please e-mail me here or here or here
-whispers- We have yaoi. 


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Vassalord 23

Welcome to chapter 23, as per usual we are always looking for applicants to help with projects, current and future if interested head on over to this page: 

A side note: Tiger and Bunny doujinshi that was available on Mediafire will now be available on Crocko and not MF. Links have been replaced :)

Chris is sexy when he's angry, him and Johnny should totally have angry sex. Just saying.


Pass: VL_23


Pass: VL_23

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Looks like I couldn't get an early copy of it (your poorly planned Christmas surprise!) My contacts have failed me!

News: 2013-03-15 (Japan DVD bundled with manga volume 7 limited edition)

So, keep an eye out for it! I saw some screens from it, on tumblr...well, .gifs really. So check that out too!

VA list:

Keiji Fujiwara as Johnny Rayflo

Ryotaro Okiayu as Charles J. "Charley" Chrishunds

Mai Kadowaki as Marie

Misa Kobayashi as Famille

Rina Satou as Minear


Head on over to Aarinfantasy to watch the first OVA: Here

Not a member? Watch on YouTube

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! [edit]


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Can you believe that it's nearly 2013 already? This year has been so crazy, and it's nearly over. Woo hoo! I'm excited for 2013 - any new year's resolutions? I haven't decided what I want to do yet, but I'm sure I'll make up some bullshit I'll never complete...or, do for a few days and give up, haha! Okay, no, this year my best in school and work towards my degree so I can gtfo in two-three years. Yaay?


[Edit] Sorry, I have to figure out what's going on with my sendspace and mediafire... I'll get back to you on that surprise! @_@;

Friday, October 5, 2012

Sendspace, etc...

All links are inactive (for sendspace anyway), they keep getting removed - I guess free users don't have access to more than a certain amount of days that we can keep a link, that's not being clicked, up there.

On another note: due to the fact that I have once again started up college, as well as our typesetter, and generally school has begun for, well, everyone we will be on a short hiatus. I know that's probably not a surprise, since we haven't posted anything since May. But...I hate to say it, real life eats up too much time. I really would like to finish of one more VL chapter soon and then hiatus. Also, our access to scans beyond - what are we on volume 6? - so I would say, like...volume 7. Our scan access is limited, so if you have a subscription to Avarus, and wanna share scans beyond ch 30ish, let us know! 

EDIT: To those of you (like me) affected by Hurricane Sandy...please stay safe, we have a long road of clean-up and recovery ahead of us and I would like you all to know that my thoughts are with you. Good luck, we can make it through this.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Vassalord 22

Here is chapter 22. All I have to say on this my poor Chris! 
-Sigh- All my feels.

Also, in case you haven't noticed, which I'm sure you have...The wonderful Vassalord fanart up at the top of every page. We would like to give a huge thanks to LustyTarts for allowing us to post this up here. Go visit her on DeviantArt, her art is amazing! I just hope she posts more and more as time goes by. So, enjoy the smut on the page, and the angst in this chapter.

Edit: Tiny corrections to pages 15 and 16 - links updated.


Pass: VL_22

Pass: VL_22

Note: All Sendspace links have been moved to Crocko

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tiger and Bunny: Growing up Sexually

Today we bring you a Tiger and Bunny doujinshi! I would like to thank Iwashi for allowing us the use of these scans. I'm really happy I finally got a couple of them! And, this was great. Lots of sex~

So, enjoy~

Pairing: Barnaby/Kotetsu
Rating: 18+


(No longer allowed here)



Pass: GUS (case-sensitive)

Tiny Edit: The line "Single Beefcake" has been changed to "Bachelor Beef."  (Yeah..that's right!) 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Hito wa Sore o Shuuchaku to Yobu [DRRR dj]

 What People Call an Addiction
Pairing: Shizuo/Izaya
Rating: 18+

As I was translating this, I wanted to seriously one-hit KO Shizuo. Shizuo's amount of herp derp exceeds that of what a normal person should have. If you're sexually frustrated, just do it with Izaya! No need to repeat "Ugh, why did I do this?" five million times. (0口0;) 

But, heeeey! Here's some nice Shizaya SMEEEEX!!!! (▰˘◡˘▰)






Password: Hito (case-sensitive)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Vassalord 20 and 21

For your reading pleasure we bring to you chapters 20 and 21.

It's been a while since we last updated, but here it is.

Hope you all had a great Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Winter Solstice - whatever, and Happy New Year (even though it's Feb) - From our staff to you!

So, yes, as a very late Holiday/New Year's ya go.. And, thank you everyone on staff for working so hard and putting up with me :D

By the way, Happy Chinese New Year. Year of the Dragon, sounds exciting. I think I'm a horse...

I'll have to find out.

Enjoy our release, and welcome Monstabot, a new cleaner, to our team!

Edit: I forgot to mention this before, a big thank you to our Japanese translator, Avie, for helping out with 21. :D


Pass: VL_20

EDIT: Small correction on page 10 and 13:





Pass: VL_21

If there's anything weird with it, you know what to do.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Chapter 19 - edits

We've corrected a few pages that had very small errors. Feel free to re-download the corrected version - all other files have been replaced.

Pass on both is still VL_19


Edit: I can't believe I forgot this...but I wanted to give a big thanks to Pramesvari, who sent us some Japanese text for this chapter, translated, a while back. So, thank you :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Project Status

Vassalord 19 - Cleaned; Translated; in typesetting.

Vassalord 20 - In Cleaning; Translated; Requires typesetting

Vassalord 21 - Requires Cleaning; Translated; Requires typesetting.

Other Projects: (What else were we doing? Oh yah..)

DRRR Doujin: Cleaned; Requires Translation and typesetting.

Note: Due to school starting back up, it will be more difficult to get projects out one after another; we're only human, have patience, it will come.

Any questions, comments, e-mail us:


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fukakutei Youso Kinken Shingou [DRRR DJ]

Pairing: Shizuo/Izaya

So here is our second release! A Durarara doujinshi that I had come across around a year ago. I thought to just translate it, clean, and typset it by myself since the raws were pretty clean, but that didn't turn out so great. I left it there for a few months.

I remembered recently that this has yet to be released, lol. So SoubixLoveless helped to perfect it. 8'D And here it finally be!

Please do NOT remove credit pages, or we will remove our scans and whatnot. It won't be fun.


Password: DRRR (case-sensitive; all CAPS)

This is an update about our staff members. Quite a few people have volunteered to help us out. It's rather uplifting, hehe.

Avie Yahika (Japanese to English)

Miss Tao



P.S.: We're still working on Vassalord, but...we needed a break >:[ SO JUST ENJOY THE SEX :D

Project is rated 18+ don't say we didn't warn you. Male/Male (duh).

Monday, July 25, 2011

Vassalord Chapter 18

Edit: do not remove our credits. I don't want to have to start removing scans or adding watermarks to all projects.
Wow, I can't believe it but...welcome to our FIRST post. We bring to you Vassalord chapter 18 - more to come. We have no set release date, which, we do not release weekly - we release the files when they're done. Yes, we are slow so... be patient with us.

Just want to give a big, huge thank you to Chris for translating 18 and on all by herself @_@ and pretty much anything from here on out, lol.)

If you want to be part of future releases (like Vassalord) we are currently looking for Japanese translators, and editors. Also, if you know how to use HTML coding and would like to design our webpage for us...that would be f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c; 'cause, honestly, we need the help haha.

Anyway, enjoy our first release, more to come.

Previous scanlation to this can be found in Inmeloria's LJ - we do not own anything, nor do we make profit from it. Thanks.
                                                                    Pass: Vassalord18

Vassalord contains mature content that may not be suitable for younger viewers.